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Welcome to the official website dedicated to conductor, pianist, vocal coach, composer and film actor Richard Hageman (1881-1966).

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Publications featuring Hageman and his work

"With this new in-depth scholarship brilliantly offered by Nico de Villiers, Kathryn Kalinak and Asing Walthaus, Richard Hageman: From Holland to Hollywood... a welcome journey for music lovers, performers and history buffs alike.”

Thomas Hampson, World-renowned Baritone


"Solidly researched across two continents - and waggishly correcting the 'feigned-casual' accounts of Hageman himself - this impressive study finally gives the Oscar-winning composer the spotlight he deserves."

Caryl Flinn, Professor, Film-Television-Media

University of Michigan

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"How the West Was Sung is beautifully written, judiciously argued, and thoroughly researched."

Krin Gabbard, author of Black Magic : White Hollywood and African American Culture

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