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RHS Archives

As Richard Hageman died without an heir and with no archive of his papers, writing his biography was a daunting task. No one institution holds all of Hageman’s scores. Hageman left some but not all of his film scores to the University of Southern California. The RKO Music Archive at the University of California, Los Angeles includes musical materials as well as scores. The Paramount Pictures Music Department Archives, on site on the Paramount lot in Hollywood, contains some scores as well as various music department records on Hageman. Then there are various papers associated with Hageman in a number of libraries and archives across the United States such as the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Opera archive, the Main Library site of the San Francisco Public Library.


The general aim of the Richard Hageman Society Archive is to collect and organise as many of Hageman’s papers and memorabilia associated with him in one place. The current archive started out as a personal collection assembled by the RHS Director Nico de Villiers, accumulated since 2011. Now the archive includes some acquisitions given by Elizabeth Renton Miller, Kathrin Hubbard Korngold, Rudi van der Bulck, and Jos Heitmann.

Film Stills

Concert programmes & pamphlets

Hageman Dedicatees


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